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Our Values

Environmental Policy

Swift Facades commitment to environment friendly business practices

Swift Façades is dedicated to environmental awareness and energy efficient practices as part of its important duty in the field of Environmental Policy. Our business operations recognize the following: the scarcity of our resources; the impact of waste; and the emissions produced as a result of our many business activities. Therefore, we strive to promote and maintain environmentally responsible practices for the benefit of customers, consumers, employees and the community in which we operate. In addition to providing the necessary organization, commitment and training in fulfilling this obligation, the senior management is committed to conduct and expand our business in a manner which protects the environment and demonstrates good stewardship of our world’s natural resources.

Effective communications

We maintain effective communication systems on environmental matters through training and improved awareness.

Strategic alliances

We cooperate and develop liaisons with the community, suppliers, contractors, government agencies and other organizations engaged in improving the environment.

Performance evaluation

We evaluate our environmental performance through periodic reviews and audits to ensure that our conduct is consistent with these principles.

Our Mission

We Aim to Build a Better World

To fulfill our commitment for a better and more sustainable world, we have implemented a number of sustainability initiatives, including:

  • Using energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy sources to reduce our carbon footprint

  • Implementing water conservation measures to minimize water usage

  • Recycling and reusing materials whenever possible to reduce waste

  • Partnering with local organizations to support community development and environmental protection efforts

  • Implementing rigorous environmental standards and monitoring systems to ensure that we are operating in an environmentally responsible manner


We believe that by continuously improving our sustainability practices, we can create a positive impact on the world and build a better future for all.

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